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Ice Camp Revisited

01/30/2011, 12:00 AM by Lollie Garay
Alice and Brower our trusted guides.<br/><br/>Credit: Lollie Garay
Alice and Brower our trusted guides.
Photo Credit: Lollie Garay

Jan 28

-22°F (-30C)


Day 2 at Ice Camp! We mustered once again in Bldg. 36 to prepare for the trek out to the ice. With Tish’s arrival yesterday, we now have the full team here!

 On the first day out, I had issues with the orange mustang suit I wore. It was very stiff to begin with and got worse in the cold.  So my good friends from UMIAQ outfitted me with heavy-duty coveralls to go with my heavy-duty parka.  I definitely kept warm, was very mobile, and looked like a whale!! I wonder how many calories I burn carrying all that weight around.

 Work went very smooth today and we actually finished in less than two hours. It helped immensely that the UMIAQ support team had gone out ahead of time to warm the tents and prepare the holes in the ice for sampling. The weather was much “warmer” and overcast today and contributed to the efficiency of getting the job done. We also returned without any snowmobile incidences J

 By dinnertime the weather had changed drastically. Earlier in the day James (UMIAQ) had explained that when the temperature warms up, and the winds kick up from the east, it makes it colder. And it did! In fact as the evening progressed, the winds howled and snow was blowing – all through the night! In the morning we would have new snowdrifts.

 Brr…where’s the hot tea???


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