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Saturday Schoolyard Science

01/31/2011, 12:00 AM by Lollie Garay
Nok gives us last minute instructions at BASC.<br/><br/>Credit: Marc Fischer
Nok gives us last minute instructions at BASC.
Photo Credit: Marc Fischer

Sat Jan 29

Midday Temperature: 3° F (-16C)

Today began with a thick cloud cover after last night's howling snow event. There was a fresh layer of snow on everything and it was cold, but the wind had died down. By midday we reached a high of 3° F. However, it was one of those grey days where you'd like to stay under the warm covers all day! But there was too much work to be done. All teams were finishing up the sample processing from Friday's trek to the Ice Camp.

After lunch, Tish, Marc and I set out for the Barrow Arctic Research Center. Nokinba (Nok) Acker had invited Tish and I to do a presentation for the Schoolyard Project sponsored by the Barrow Arctic Science Consortium. Our topic focused on the partnership we have developed as we work together to bring her pole-to-pole research into classrooms and community outreach venues. The intent was to demonstrate the value of integrating authentic research into classroom curriculum, as well as to encourage any attending researchers to consider supporting teachers in their work! The presentation was a well received, and we thank Nok and BASC for

the opportunity to share our story.

The evening ended with a science meeting at Pepe's, THE "north of the border" Mexican food eatery. Each team discussed the focus of their work, and how they were integrating it into the big picture of the Arctic Nitro Project. I've been working with and next to these hard-working people, all week, but until tonight I didn't understand what each of them brought to the team.

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