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01/25/2012, 11:02 PM by Lollie Garay
The active Sun creates amazing auroras at the top of the world!<br/><br/>Credit: Stephen Baer
The active Sun creates amazing auroras at the top of the world!
Photo Credit: Stephen Baer

Jan 24, 2012

Temp: -35°C (-31°F)

Wind Chill: -35°C (-31°F)

Conditions: Partly cloudy

 The ArcticNitro team has packed up its’ gear and precious water samples. At this writing they’re traveling across the US continent to get back home on the west coast. This will be the last sampling for this science team here in Barrow- the two- year project has ended.

 They were able to conduct seasonal sampling as planned in different light and temperature conditions, and developed new ideas and experiments along the way.

 Venturing out on the frozen Arctic Ocean in the dark of January probably was the most challenging of the trips, which included excursions in April and August. One of the most interesting parts was seeing both the change in the ocean and in Barrow through the seasons.

 Logistically, the trip could not have happened without the support and knowledge from both UMIAQ and CPS personnel. Their understanding of the environment was crucial in making these expeditions as safe as possible!

 ArcticNitro not only conducted good science, it also developed strong partnerships: both within the team and with the local community. The SMORE Project has teamed students from Barrow with coastal Texas and Georgia students in a unique scientific study with mentors from the Arctic Nitro team, Tish Yager and Marc Frischer. Aside from the science they’re learning, the program is building understanding of distinct cultures and environments.

 I expect a final summary of the work this past week as soon as the science team has had time to warm up in their own homes!






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